Digital Marketing Training

Offer practical and unique programs that other companies do not have.
We are committed to drive results and lead to the long-term success of our clients.


  • Aim to acquire essential understanding and hands-on skills of digital marketing
  • Acquire the latest marketing techniques and gain knowledge and effective skills for digital strategy.
  • Learn effective business operation methods by establishing long-term guidelines for maintaining existing customers and continuing to develop new customer.
  • Lecturers are local resident specialists (Japanese entrepreneurs and foreign experts, with interpreters).
  • Offer online follow-up after training. Finding problems and thinking about solutions together


Sei Higuchi, Ph.D. CTO & Founder
Sei is leading the product & technology development. He received his Ph.D. in Aeronautics & Astronautics from Stanford University in 2009. At Stanford, he developed the adaptive model predictive control algorithm for microkelvin thermal control system. 

Yumi Kubo  / CEO & Founder
Yumi is co-founder and CEO of Spectrum Visions and has a son with autism. Before founding the company, she has engaged in numerous activities in non-profit organizations such as Parents Helping Parents (PHP). 

Training Program

From basics to hands-on workshops, program is customizable to suit your needs.
【Period】2 – 10 days
【City】California, USA (San Jose, etc)
【Number of people】2 – 50 people

Training Program Sample

What is digital marketing?

Basic terms, calculation methods

How to set up and manage Google Ads

How conversions occur and increase

How to automate

Overview of machine learning

Data Analysis and Programming

Support new business planning

Formulation of business strategy

Visit to a major local company

Visit to Stanford university

Participating Companies

Mitsubishi Corporation (Americas)・Mitsubishi Corporation Technos・ Kyowa Kirin USA Holdings, Inc.
JXTG Nippon Oil & Energy Corporation・Eco Ring Co., Ltd.・Osaka University・Chukyo University, etc

Acquired digital marketing expertise and data analysis techniques.


Advertising expenses were reduced because of marketing based on numerical data.


Plans and strategies for acquiring new customers have become smoother.


It became possible to analyze the increase and decrease in the number of customers and to deal with the signs.



Free consultation will be available to discuss your concerns. Please feel free to contact us.
Upon request of the customer, we can also sign an NDA in advance and share an account.